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SHORTY™ is out to change the face of automotive aftermarket accessories. We are constantly taking our products to the next level in Concept, Design, Quality & Distinctiveness which sets us apart from Imitators.

   We at SHORTY™ are committed to your satisfaction this is why we have one of the toughest Quality Control Programs in the industry, from the start with raw materials (i.e. 6061 T-6 Aircraft aluminum to the end with our truly unique packaging, you'll be sure to get the highest quality most unique product that makes us proud to put our SHORTY™ name on. 

   All our products start as "Original" SHORTY™ hand drawings that are then computer generated using the latest CAD/CAM software, then carefully CNC machined by our skilled machinist with over 35 years experience for precision & quality unsurpassed. We then Hand polish every product to a high luster finish (often mistaken for Chrome) by our highly qualified polishers with over 18 years experience. Last but definitely not least every SHORTY™ product is Hand inspected after every step of the manufacturing process, but the most important thing is that every product is then Hand re-inspected & cleaned before being Hand packaged into our unique one of a kind packaging which preserves its beautiful finish we are so well known for.

   Other unique traits that SHORTY™ is so well known for that separates us from the rest is our wide variety of options for you to match up to your RIDE. This consists of a 4-step Powder Coating process that is Fade, Scratch & Chip resistant for that long lasting look. Also well known from SHORTY™ is its ability to Chrome Plate aluminum with show quality. This is due to a stringent & unheard of 12-step process that starts with a highly lustrous polished product and ends with a beautifully colored mirror Chrome finish. One more trait in the SHORTY™ arsenal is the unbelievable artwork added to our products that has Intricacy, Quality & Durability that far exceeds the quality our competitors are trying, and I repeat trying, to duplicate. We know it speaks for itself! 

   As you can see SHORTY™ goes the extra mile actually two miles to produce ASSKICKING PRODUCTS that is sure to turn peoples heads and have them asking you where did you get that and you'll be proud to say SHORTY™......where else?! 

                             Thanks for buying the "Oringinal" SHORTY™ Antennas and supporting our cause of Meticulous Detail and Quality. 

             The Team with Pride at SHORTY™ Custom Antennas

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